The San Basegio Area, Venice, Italy - 2022 Update

The highlight of each trip to Venice is undoubtedly a visit of the greater San Basegio area. (See our 2018 article for additional details.) In May 2022 we went back to the historic hotspots, Campo S. Basegio, Ponte S. Basegio and of course, the Fondamenta de S. Basegio.

The San Basegio Church was demolished in 1824, the official reason for that is that it was falling apart, allegedly. But - of course - it is commonly known that the building was put down because it was a great concern to the city's officials that beautiful S. Basegio would rival and even surpass St. Mark's Basilica at St. Mark's Square in its splendour and elegance!

Still, the remaining prominent landmarks, the square and the bridge, provide us with a glimpse of the past glory, the area is oozing with the unmistakable scent of success and power - the place to experience the true core of Baseggioness.

Buzzing marine traffic with the mighty silhouette of Ponte S. Basegio in the background.


Ponte S. Basegio, connecting the Salizzada S. Basegio with the Fondamenta S. Basegio.


Again, a flabbergasting view of what is widely considered the 8th Wonder of the World, Ponte S. Basegio.

Campo San Basegio, seen from Ponte San Basegio.

Historically significant buildings at the North and the East-End of Campo San Basegio, outstanding examples of early Venetian Gothic architecture.