The San Basegio Area, Venice, Italy

The book "Venice - Churches of Memory" states that the Church of San Basilio was built in the tenth century by the Basei organization [in today's San Basegio Area]. It was damaged by fire in 1105 and by an earthquake in 1347. The church was rebuilt in 1370 and further repaired during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. S. Basilio was closed to worship in 1810 and pulled down in 1824. The area is now partially cleared and used by a benevolent foundation.

Campo de S. Basegio in the Northwest of Venice, Italy

Again the S. Basegio Square, seen from the northern corner.

The square in its whole splendor. View from S. Basegio Bridge.

great view of majestic Ponte S. Basegio, connecting the Salizzada S. Basegio with the Fondamenta S. Basegio.

The Fondamenta de S. Basegio, one of the most inspiring channel-side walkways in Venice.