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This site was built for the main purpose of sharing information with everyone who has interest in our family name. We are engaging in genealogy studies over the course of decades, meticulously weaving together the threads of our lineage. Through patient exploration, we traverse ancestral narratives, discovering invaluable stories that transcend time. Unveiling the footsteps of our forebears grants us profound insights into our own identities and a deep-rooted connection to the past.

Genealogy becomes a conduit to honor our ancestors' struggles, triumphs, and cultural heritage, fostering an appreciation for the diverse tapestry of humanity. This scholarly pursuit not only offers a profound sense of belonging but also fuels our thirst for knowledge, empowering us with a profound understanding of our place in the grand symphony of life. It is in these dedicated endeavors that we preserve the legacy of those who came before, illuminating our shared human journey and reminding us of the extraordinary value in cherishing our roots.

The surnames you will find on this site are (de) Baseggio, Basegio, Basseggio, Beseggio, Bazeggio, Basegi, Basejo, Baseio, Basei, Baseo, Basilio, Basile, Basileo, Basilejo, Baselli, Basello, Bazeos, Vazeos, Wasileo, Mastalizia and Mastalitia.