The Internet Coats of Arms

2024 - Raven and Roses

Quarterly,  first: Argent, a raven displayed proper; second: Gules, a fess chequy azure and or; third: Barry of seven azure and or; fourth: Argent, on a mount vert of three coupeaux, a rose bush proper bearing five roses gules, barbed vert and seeded argent.

Raven and Roses is a pseudo heraldic design, first introduced in 2018, which is supposed to be used in the Genealogy Project context. It's composed of single components of our different Baseggio Coats of Arms, a "Remix" so to say, to honour the different branches.


The shield is split in four quadrants, symbolising the 4 directions North, West, East and South. This refers to our ancestors travelling the world, be it in war, be it as emigrants.
  • Quadrant 1) This refers to the multiple ravens that can be found in the Two Ravens and Three Ravens coats of arms of the Baselli family from Gradisca. The raven is a symbol for wisdom, but in ancient mythology it’s also the bringer of death. Wisdom and death, we think, that’s exactly what genealogy is about, so we made the raven our site's mascot. Its name is Basil, the posture is called "displayed" in heraldry, it's one of the most common ways birds are represented on shields. Usually it's eagles or falcons, of course. One additional detail to mention is that Basil is looking to the right, which can be interpreted as a sign of optimism, progress, and forward-thinking. 
  • Quadrant 2) This refers to the Arma Triestina, the one our Brazilian branches use today.  The colors and the pattern carry meaning: Red for love and passion, blue for calmness and gold for worth and purity. The chequered pattern symbolises the result of our work, when we brought order to all the data.
  • Quadrant 3) This is a minimalistic version of the Golden Bones, in which the bones stand for strength and resilience. 
  • Quadrant 4) The roses are the main design element in the Naxos coat of arms. The quadrant is held in green, white and red, the colours of the Italian tricolore to honour the origin of most Baseggios. And there are 5 roses, because we have Baseggios on all five continents. The rose bush stands for the difficult and sometimes confusing subject we are working on, some of the branches just stop, sometimes the thorns can hurt, but still occasionally  we are successful when our research provides insight, beauty and even love. That's what the roses stand for. The bush, our research, stands firm on the ground of three mountains/hills. These „rocks“ are Evaldo, Franco and Mario, the three founders of

Banner and Motto

The latin motto "parva scintilla saepe magnam flamam excitat" ("a small spark often kindles a large flame") was introduced in 2012 first and alludes to the starting phase of our research in the early 90ies, when Franco and Mario started to merge the info they had privately gathered about their own families. Aggregating the data and publishing the results on the web lead to more and more information being added, the symbolic flame getting larger over time. The colours gold and red reflect the flag of the Venetian Republic. 

The Crest Coronet 

The crest features a mural structure adorned with four towers. The building remains incomplete, with several missing stone blocks, this serves as a testament to our ongoing and perpetual project. Each tower proudly displays a shield bearing the coat of arms of Caçador (Brazil), Zurich (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), and Perg (Austria) – the hometowns of the four main contributors to - Evaldo, Mario, Franco and Berhard. Notably, Perg, Bernhard's hometown, was added to the Coat of Arms in June 2024. We hope to expand further by incorporating additional cities, provided we discover more cousins willing to contribute to our endeavor!

The Supporters

The shield is supported by two lions, the heraldic animal of the City of Venice and the City of Zurich. 

Bonus: The Spider Web

On the top left of the Coat of Arms a little spider web spans between the banner and the lion's head. This web stands for the World Wide Web, the invaluable technical infrastructure that makes our genealogy project possible.

2012 - Golden Bones/Arma Triestina Split Design

This coat of arms is a combination of the "Arma Triestina" and the "Golden Bones". It represents the international Baseggio family community and was used as the icon on our Twitter and Facebook pages from 2012 until June 2018.

The website's motto is added in latin, "Parva scintilla saepe magnam flamam excitat" ("A small sparkle often initiates a large flame").

Artwork by Mario de Baseggio