Selected Important Source Files

The so-called "Quadro A", the splendid result of Giorgio Volpato's persistent research work.

"Quadro A1", also provided by Giorgio Volpato.

"Quadro A2" with the details about Sebastiano's (BNID1674) branch. This again, was provided by Giorgio Volpato.

Selected pages from Girolamo Alessandro Capellari's work "Il Campidoglio Veneto". The manuscript was one of the main sources in the early stages of the project.

The Capellari Text - In Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF), english translation by Franco Baseggio.

Sergio Sghedoni's work about the 13 old houses of Trieste, Italy, was published in 2000AD. It covers the Baseggio family in 4 dedicated pages. The information is mainly taken from Luigi de Jenner's manuscript "Genealogie delle Tredici Casate".

Gualtiero de Rota has written a nice resume about the origins of this noble and ancient Italian family. As Alba de Rota (BNID2069) was Alba de Baseggio's (BNID2066) mother, there's some strong links to our branches. That's why we consider Gualtiero's work as being fairly relevant to our research. Please make sure you visit his website, too!

This is an update to Gualtiero de Rota's resume. The content on the pages 3 to 5 and 26 was provided to Gualtiero by (unfortunately unattributed in the document).