Tracey Baseggio - Three Cheers — Hip Hip Hooray!

This column salutes REAP businesses that are finding ways to increase their success.

Gordon, Nebraska shapes up at "The Fitness Center"

Tracey Baseggio is celebrating 18 months in her business known as "The Fitness Place" in Gordon, Nebraska. She opened her business in September 2002, after moving from Denver, Colorado. Tracy got her start in the fitness business through a combat fitness class she had taken while in Denver. The class used military style calisthenics to get students in shape. Tracy went on to be an instructor of the class and so began her career in fitness.

After moving to Gordon, she saw a real need for a fitness center in the community and immediately started working on a business plan to fill that need. The equipment she offers in her "Fitness Center" is top of the line. It consists of treadmills, leg presses, and weight training. The machines are available to both sexes, and are designed to harmonize with the body’s natural movement. Tracey also offers a tanning bed in her business, and states that at this time of year, the tanning bed is busy since the local high school prom is just around the corner.

The business is seasonal and slows down during the summer months. That’s okay, according to Tracey, as it gives her time to enjoy some of her own hobbies and recreation.

Tracey expressed thanks to the REAP program for providing assistance in getting her business started. She really enjoys the business and the freedom it gives her and says, "I’m still having fun."

Tracey Baseggio operates The Fitness Place in Gordon, Nebraska.

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