The Koper Baseggio Files - 7 Boxes of Baseggio Documents

The Regional Archive of Koper ("Pokrajinski arhiv Koper") in Slovenia store several hundreds of Baseggio. Documents. I have been there in March 2001 and rushed through those heaps of paper. I found some pieces of information of minor importance. The documents deal with legal quarrels rather than with Baseggio family matters. In any case, the information I found has been integrated to the branches database.

This is the Pokrajinski Arhiv, seen from the outside.

Here are the 7 boxes filled with Baseggio stuff. Mainly legal cases, since most of the Baseggios in old Capodistria where lawyers or judges.

A detail of a sealed page, written on January 15, 1825.

That's the way you sign, if you're a true Baseggio.