The Italian Tricolore - Introduced in 1807 by Nicolò de Baseggio

Despite being counted amongst the most important and oldest families of Koper, the Baseggio have not left any palazzi, distinct dwelling places or monuments, like the Taco, the Bruti, the Gravisi, the Tarsia, the Belli and others. But their [the Baseggios] legacy is much more significant: The first ever Tricolore of Italy. We refer precisely to that white-red-green (in this exact order) coloured band, sign of the "Guardia Nazionale" commanding officer in 1807, belonging to Nicolò de Baseggio. The same [band] which was put on display together with his ordinance sword and his bicorne black hat with yellow feathers on top, in a showcase of the Napoleonic Section of our Museum of Art and History at Palazzo Tacco. This Tricolore [...] represents the main driving motive of this family during the last 150 years.

The origin or the date of this "La Sveglia" article is unknown. It was written by a certain "Giustino Poli", which is most certain a pseudonym, as "Iustinopolis" was Koper's Latin name. Still it's very obvious that the content of this periodic publication was heavily influenced by ideas of Italian Irredentism, we might even consider it propaganda.