Driving Claudia Cardinale

In 1961/62 the Italian Director Mauro Bolognini shot "Senilità" (engl. "Careless") in Trieste, Italy. The movie is a tragic love story based on a novel by Italo Svevo. Claudia Cardinale ("Once Upon a Time in the West", "Fitzcarraldo") plays the role of Angiolina.

Guido de Baseggio (BNID0061), temping at that time waiting for his Military Service to start, was assigned as Ms. Cardinale's personal driver. For two weeks he drove the actress from the Hotel to the film set. One evening she asked him for advice where to spend the evening. As Guido's brother Giorgio was working as a bartender at a bar in the nearby village of Grado, he suggested going there. And that's what they did.

So, as Claudia Cardinale enjoyed the company of two Baseggios for almost two weeks, we are positive this affected her acting career dramatically.

Source: Guido de Baseggio himself.