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Giovanni de Baseggio, id #84
First NameGiovanni
Last Namede Baseggio
Born 25-06-1879
Born inCapodistria/Koper ITA/SLO
Lives/lived in--- unknown country
Direct Ancestor(s)NicolÚ de Baseggio *1808 tree
of: NicolÚ *1781 +1848 tree details
of: NicolÚ *1744 +1831 tree details
of: Zorzi *1710 +1781 tree details
of: NicolÚ *1680 tree details
of: Giorgio tree details
of: NicolÚ Giovanni *1602 tree details
of: Baseio Benedetto *1573 tree details
of: NicolÚ *15?? tree details
Mother/fatherGiovanna Decovich
SiblingsBartolomeo (#59)
Basilio (#55)
Giorgio (#141)
Giorgio (#139)
Giovanni (#128)
Maddalena (#127)
Nicolina (#52)
NicolÚ (#85)
Pietro (#58)
Pietro (#142)
Santa (#138)
Santa (#83)
Vincenzo (#137)
NotesThe Bapt. Note says his grandfather was Bartolomeo, married to Giovanna Decovich. In every other record he's called NicolÚ. Therefore a second name can be assumed.
SourceWedding records located in the Archivio Diocesano in Trieste.

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