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Mark Baseggio, id #810
First NameMark
Last NameBaseggio
Born 12-06-1976
Born in--- unknown country
Lives/lived in--- unknown country
Direct Ancestor(s)Eugene Baseggio *1947 tree
of: Gino Ido *1923 +1980 tree details
of: Ermenegildo *1897 tree details
of: Angelo *1865 +1943 tree details
of: Marco *1825 +1910 tree details
of: Santo *1790 +1837 tree details
of: Zuani *1761 +1797 tree details
of: Santo *1730 +1795 tree details
of: Sebastiano tree details
SiblingsBrent (#811)
Todd (#813)
NotesMark is the Vice-President University Affairs at Brock University in St, Catharines. He is completing his degree in Business Communications. Mark is also Chair of the Public Relations Committee and he is affectionately known at Head Office as VP CASA.
SourceMark Baseggio (2010-08-14), Brian (BNID815, June 8, 2015)

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