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Sauro de Baseggio, id #79 | graphical tree | text tree
First NameSauro
Middle Name(s)Ciacinto Pullino
Last Namede Baseggio
Born 02-03-1920
Died 26-03-2006 08:15
Born inTrieste ITA
Lives/lived inTrieste ITA
Direct Ancestor(s)Bartolomeo de Baseggio *1876 +1936 tree
of: NicolÚ *1808 tree details
of: NicolÚ *1781 +1848 tree details
of: NicolÚ *1744 +1831 tree details
of: Zorzi *1710 +1781 tree details
of: NicolÚ *1680 tree details
of: Giorgio tree details
of: NicolÚ Giovanni *1602 tree details
of: Baseio Benedetto *1573 tree details
of: NicolÚ *15?? tree details
Mother/fatherMaria Anna Milessa
SiblingsCairoli (#67)
NicolÚ (#60)
Pietro (#64)
PartnerMaria Alfarano (ID 2073, *1922)
Direct descendantsElena de Baseggio (id #80)
Paolo de Baseggio (id #81)
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NotesSauro was named after Trieste's freedom fighter Nazario Sauro. Actually, Sauro is the heroes last name. And "Ciacinto" and "Pullino" are the names of Italian Navy submarines which were commanded by Nazario Sauro. In WWII Sauro served on the "Attendolo".
SourceSauro de Baseggio

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