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Baseio de Baseio, id #2056 | graphical tree | text tree
First NameBaseio
Middle Name(s)Benedetto
Last Namede Baseio
Born 24-11-1573
Born inCapodistria/Koper ITA/SLO
Lives/lived inCapodistria/Koper ITA/SLO
Direct Ancestor(s)NicolÚ Baseio *15?? tree
SiblingsNazaria (#2054)
Paula (#2052)
Simona (#2053)
Zuane (#2055)
PartnerLucia Del Sole (m. 1595-01-18)
Direct descendantsAnneta Baseii (id #2061)
Cattarina de Baseio (id #2059)
Francesco de Baseio (id #2060)
Francesco de Basej (id #2062)
Lucio Baseio (id #2057)
NicolÚ Baseii (id #1286)
Pasquetta de Baseio (id #2058)
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NotesConnection to father NicolÚ based on his first name only. Probability is rather high since there is only one NicolÚ located in Capodistria on record during that period of time. The Liber Matrimonium I lists NicolÚ as the groom's name, this is most probably a mix up of the columns occurred during the digitizing process. Probability is high because the entries of all of Baseio's descendants name a certain "Lucietta" as their mother.
SourceLiber Matrimonium I (äkofijski arhiv Koper) and Liber Matrimonium I (äkofijski arhiv Koper)

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