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Elisa Baseggio, id #1984
First NameElisa
Last NameBaseggio
Born 4-2-1898
Born inSelva del Montello (TV) ITA
Lives/lived in--- city unknown BRA
Direct Ancestor(s)Marco Augusto Baseggio *1871 tree
of: Marco *1825 +1910 tree details
of: Santo *1790 +1837 tree details
of: Zuani *1761 +1797 tree details
of: Santo *1730 +1795 tree details
of: Sebastiano tree details
Mother/fatherFilomena Pagnossin
SiblingsAlfonso (#1987)
Caterina (#1990)
Emilio (#1988)
Giovanni (#1985)
Massimo (#1986)
Quinto (#1989)
NotesEmigrated together with father Marco to Argentina in 1906 and then to Brazil in 1914.
SourceQuadro A2 by Giorgio Volpato (http://quadro-a.baseggio.net)

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