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Santa Baseggio, id #1300
First NameSanta
Last NameBaseggio
Born inCapodistria/Koper ITA/SLO
Lives/lived inCapodistria/Koper ITA/SLO
Direct Ancestor(s)Giovanni Baseggio tree
of: Basilio tree details
of: NicolÚ Giovanni *1602 tree details
of: Baseio Benedetto *1573 tree details
of: NicolÚ *15?? tree details
SiblingsAntonio (#1296)
Basilio (#1293)
Domenica (#1297)
Domenico (#1294)
Giovanni (#1295)
Margherita (#1299)
Menegina (#1298)
PartnerGiovanni Battista Colinazzi
NotesChildren: Mattia, Lucietta. Was formerly listed as BNID234 in a tree of five people, the source of the information and the name of the ancestor was unknown. The year of birth was 1775, but this is not confirmed or based on sources. The branches could be merged on March 1, 2013. (mdb)
SourceFrom family tree found by Mario de Baseggio in Koper archives.

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